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Activities in Aegina island

Aegina island, apart from its beaches, the green-blue sea, the romantic walks, the tranquility and the night life, it offers to the vacationers intense and not only activities, combining sea and mountain. You will have a memorable time here with your friends or family.

From the port of Aegina starts a boat which makes the circumnavigation of the island, giving you the opportunity to admire its unique coastal beaches and its coves as well as swim to the most beautiful locations of the island.

Aegina offers mountain hiking amongst pine trees. This gives you the opportunity to meet the various flora and fauna of the island.

In Aegina you can have a night stroll with the traditional horse carriages, starting from the port of the island and getting back to it.

In Aegina the rocky seabed in many parts of the island is ideal for great snorkeling or fishing with rod or fishing line from a boat or the rocks.

In the beautiful Aegina there are many bays and coves where you can indulge in water sports you are interested in, including swimming, wind-surfing, water skiing.

In July and August excursions are organized for the festival at the Ancient theater of Epidaurus, from the cultural Association of Aegina 22970-25142 and fromAsco Tours 22970-27798.

In Aegina there are many sightseeings and antiquities you hhave to visit. The Archaeological museum of Aegina, the archaeological site of Kolona, the Temple of Aphaia, the Temple of Apollo, the Monastery of Agios Nektarios and many other sights.

How to come

Aegina island

The city of Aegina is the capital city of the island and it's located on the west side. It's built amphitheatrical towards the sea. When you enter the harbor, the small, white church of Saint Nikolas welcomes you.

Your first impession is the modern type classical buildings, which are located along the sea front of the island and have terristrial shade colors which make them look even more beautiful at sunset. The economic and social life of Aegina is centralized on the coastal road and the parallel roads.